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27th T B Macaulay Lecture - A Renewable Energy Future? Challenges and Opportunities

Lecture Abstract: 

As the energy industry arrives at a pivotal crossroads, Karen de Segundo looks at whether renewable energies will help society solve the critical question of how to meet the world's increasing energy needs. Whilst many regions, including Scotland, look to a renewable energy future, the audience will hear a realistic examination of the pro's and con's of renewable energies including commercial viability, predictability, storage and competitiveness.

Speaker Details

Karen De Segundo, Chief Executive Officer

Karen joined the group in 1971 with a law degree from Leiden University and an MBA from Michigan State University. She established her grass roots experience working in London, San Paulo, Houston, Montevideo, Rotterdam and Rio de Janeiro, mainly in the Oil Products marketing and business planning sectors. In the mid seventies she worked for the Gas business, marketing LNG for the Nigeria LNG project.

In 1984 Karen transferred to Uruguay as General Manager. She then joined Shell Nederland in late 1986 as Deputy Director of Personnel and followed this with two years as Head of strategic planning in Supply and Marketing in London. In September 1990 Karen moved to Shell Brazil for over four years, taking the position of Vice President Oil Products.

In the beginning of 1995 Karen returned to Shell International Gas Limited in London as Business Director for Central and South America and Gas Trading. Later in that year Shell conducted a major re-organisation of its service companies for which Karen headed up the transition phase for Group External Affairs, becoming its Vice President from January 1996. This period covered an almost revolutionary period in Shell's external focus and Karen spearheaded numerous initiatives to ensure Shell's positive reputation.

Karen was Chief Executive Shell Gas and Power from 1998 until 2000, when she became CEO of Shell Renewables.


The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute
AB15 8QH Aberdeen
United Kingdom

About the Lecture

Dr Thomas Bassett MacaulayThe annual T.B. Macaulay Lecture is held to honour the vision of Dr Thomas Bassett Macaulay, President and Chairman of the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, whose benefaction founded the original Macaulay Institute for Soil Research in 1930. He was a descendant of the Macaulays from the Island of Lewis and his aim was to improve the productivity of Scottish agriculture. This vision continues today in its successor the James Hutton Institute, a world leader in land, crop, water, environmental and socio-economic science.